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PE-pipes and Fittings

Dizayn Chemical Tanks

It is manufactured from 900 mm diameter till 3600 mm diameter with spiral production method. It can be used in storing of substances such as acide, base and salt in corrosive structure thanks to high chemical resistance of polyethylene. As the product is hygienic completely, it can be used in storing liquid food as well as water.

Tank volumes are between 1-50 m3. Tanks are in round shape.  Input and output can be added to the tank at any point and any way in accordance with the project. Mounting can be performed in its place due to transport difficulties. It is possible to add stairs and platform facilitating maintenance of tanks.

It is light as its density is approximately in amount of 1 in 8 compared to metal products. Because more products can be carried during transport, costs reduce. It is convenient to carry nested.

The product has environment friendly feature. It does not contaminate our vital resources such as soila dn water. It can be reused thanks to its recycling feature. After toxic chemicals are stocked, it can be used as recycling product in the field not related health.

There are 3 significant parametres to be considered in resistance to chemicals in acide and base property.

Production Features

The product is manufactured on big cyclinders as mandrel. Polyethylene raw material is pulled in strips in extruder machine. These strips are formed as circle by wrapping on mandrel.

The product is manufactured in different forms in compliance with butt welding and extruder welding joining. Any change on the product can be applied easily in its place thanks to extruder welding method.


Chemical resistance is so high. It is not exposed to corrosion.

It does not react with metals because of its neutral feature.

Wear resistance is so high compared to molecule chains, rupture of molecule.

There are not heavy metals interfered with its structure. It is appropriate for storing liquid food.

Its guaranteed life against outer effects is 50 years at least and it can be used for 100 years.

Because its density is very low compared to concrete and cast, business machine goes down to minimum levels.

All kinds of joining parts allow special product to be produced within the project.

It absorbes the shakes during the earthquake and is not damaged.

Service Life

Life is assigned according to temperature, pressure and being diluted or concentrated of stocked chemical. Service life is 50 years for chemical non abrasive substances.

Frequently asked Questions

1. What is its raw material?

It is manufactured from Polyethylene (PE) raw material.

2. How can it be joined with metal pipes?

Metal pipes and flanges are joined. Plastic adaptor is welded with plastic pipe, steel flange passed onto it is joined with other pipe flange and bolts.

What chemicals can I use it for storing?

Degree of usability for acide and bases is written in catalogues. Professional project engineers give information about other fluids which are not available in tables.