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Marine Discharge Systems

Marine Discharge Pipes are products manufactured from Polyethylene raw material within Polyolefin group. It is produced from 500 mm diameter till 3000 mm diameter with spiral production method. It can offer 50 year service wihout being affected by sea salt thanks to high chemical resistance of polyethylene.

Waste water is pre treated in treatment plants. That is catching solid waste which can be kept within pretreatment water. Next stage of this purification is biological purification with bacteries. If bacteries are produced and cleaned in treatment plant, the plant is called as biological treatment plant and obtained water becomes reusable. It is pumped to the line of drinking water again. Costs of these plants are too high. It is a luxurious investment for settlements whose drinking water is sufficient.


Alternative of these facilities is the nature itself. When sewage water exposed to application of pre treatment is given to the seas, it omits bad smells. Water can not be cleaned in a quick way. The reason is that concentration of waste water  is high and there is not sufficient oxygen for the bacteries to act. Therefore, waste water is reached to marine discharge to dilute it. When the water amount given becomes deluted within sea , bacteries can act and water is cleaned naturally. Marine discharge pipes are those activating this method.

Pipes are produced in 11,80 mm lengths. They are placed onto the route of bottom discharge of sea from treatment plant. These products are joined with extrusion and electrofusion welds. Mouthpiece of pipes to be installed in sea is covered with metal flange. As the pipe is added by welding, it is pulled to sea by installing concrete weights. As density of polyethylene is lower than water and there is air inside it, our water floats on the sea. When arrived to the end of the route, valve on flange is opened so that water is replaced the air. In this way, pipes get heavier and the pipe is located on the ground of the sea. The product goes into operation after the land connection has been ensured.

This product has become a source of salvation for the cities on the shore. Our cities such as Istanbul, Alanya, Antalya and Izmit have been purified from the sewage pollution on the shores thanks to the projects in which these products were used.  

Production Features

The product is manufactured on big cylinders as mandrel. Polyethylene raw material is pulled in strips in extruder machine. These strips are wrapped on Mandrel and takes form of pipe.

The product; is manufactured in different forms in compliance with butt welded, extruder welded and electrofusion welded joining. There is no need for fitting, ventilating chimneys are usedin fitting points. Products are produced according to 0,5 bar operation pressure.