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PE-pipes and Fittings

Dizayn Geothermal Pipe and Its Additonal Parts

General Features

They are pipes manufactured especially in a quality to prevent heat transfer of hot or cold fluid.  Because pipe consists of various material layers, it is included in composite pipe.

Geothermal pipes consist three layers. Bearing pipe inside consists of Polyurethane layer (PUR) as insulation material between, Polyethylene (PE) pipe at outermost as protective sheath. Bearing pipe material differs according to their temperature of use. PolypropyleneRandom (PPr) pipe is used in and under 70 °C, Steel pipe is used in and under 140 °C. It eliminated disadvantages of Glass wool insulated pipes thanks to technical and financial advantages it offers.

Production Features

Pre insulated pipes are made monolithic in production area of the firm. They are produced as main bearing pipe in PPr pipe extrusion lines. They are placed in mass production area. Axing parts and leakage sensor wires should be placed onto the pipe. PE pipe is passed from the top of axing parts. Mouths are covered so that PUR is pumped to the area between inner bearing pipe and gear sheath. PUR is pumped through the hole on the pipe mouths. PUR is obtained by mixture of two liquids called as polyol and isocyanate. It pumps outside by mixing with two liquid machines. Bot products react and begin to swell and it reaches a structure that does not transmit heat thanks to its porous structure. Pipe is ready to use after PUR pumped between the pump solidifies. If steel pipe is being used instead of PPr it is supplied externally and pipe is produced by applying process applied to PPr.

Preinsulated pipes are made monolithic in company production area. It is manufactured as main bearing pipe in PPr extrusion lines. PE pipe is passed onto axing parts. 

Fittings of the product is manufactured manually without need for facility. Bearing pipe is produced with injection or apparel method and inserted into the product.


Corrosion shows high resistance because casing pipe is polyethyene.

Moisture underground and on the ground does not affect insulation material.

Life of insulation against outer factors is 30 years at least.

Because it makes a connection with polyurethane casing pipe thanks to corona process, moved monolytic in thermal expansion and damage by elongation of bearing pipe to insulation is prevented.

Thanks to monolithic structure, elongation of steel pipe is prevented with soil friction forces.

Polyurethane used has a certificate in accordance with EN 253 norm.

The pipe can be applied till moving the fluid in 140°C temperature.

Steel, PPr, copper can be used as main bearing pipe. In case of demand, production can be conducted as inside of the pipe is coated. Welded, seamless steel can be preferred

Bearing pipe is heated before installing and then if soil filling is made ,prestretching system is obtained. Thus elongation effect is eliminated as heated temperature. Because total elongation values decrease it does not need to use compensator.

There are pipes and additional parts with all kinds of insulated pipe. (elbow,TE, Valve etc.)

It eliminated leakage in joining parts and mulfunction of insulation thanks to its sliding sheath system used in joining parts.

Because L,Z,U elbows are not used in prestretching systems, it does not need to expand channel to install these parts.

There are no construction conditions, quality problems, mounting period because insulation of the product and casing pipe are made within factory environment. 

Construction structures are not required to establish galleries underground and carry on the hanger.There are no problems caused by filling the channel with water.

Production is performed according to international standards. (EN 253)

It has international certificates. (GEF)

It is used in transfer of waste heat produced in cogeneration systems in local heating, geothermal energy applications.