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PE-pipes and Fittings

Dizayn Pe 80 Natural Gas Pipe and Its Additional Parts

General Features

PE80 natural gas pipes are used in parts with 4 bar pressure in natural gas lines. Natural gas lines consist of 4 bar intermediate line and 0,4 bar indoor lines. Polyethylene pipes with composite structure started to be used for trial in 20 bar parts. Its use shall be disseminated with creation of standards. Studies about composite pipes not affected by fire indoors continue.

Polyethylene are divided into three, With Low Density, With Medium Density and With High Density according to their density. While pipe resistance and rigidity is increasing from low to high, flexibility and impact resistance increase in reverse condition.  

Natural gas pipes are included in PE80 class. Environmental stretching value which can be reached in Medium Density is 8.0MPa for now. As this value rises wall thichness shall diminish and fluid amount passing through inside shall rise. Because these pipes are included in SDR11, in conditions they are used for water, while they are being used under PN 12,5 bar pressure, they can be used in natural gas line under 4 bar pressure if security coeeficient is 1,25 instead of 2,5. As polymer chain is affected by hydrocarbon structures, high security coefficient was selected. 

As the pipes are produced as coil, they provide a great ease in upholstry. Welding amount decreases so that short lines can be installed and fitting and workmanship saving can be provided.

Electrofusion welding which is only the most secure welding method to reduce the possibility of natural gas leak from welds to zero.

Production Features

PE80 Natural Gas pipes are produced in group of machines called as extruder line. Pipe production range is 25-500. Electrofuion fittings are manufactured by shaping with molds in injection machines. Placement of copper into electrofusion fittings makes fittings complex. It is very important not to contact wires each other for welding.

After oxide layer on outer surface of pipes are removed, fittings are passed onto the pipe. Cables of welding machine are inserted into metal pin on fittings. Welding is performed according to welding parametres in memory of machine after being read with barcode. Swelling of polyethylene from the spaces near the pin indicates that welding is proper. It is the most secure and expensive welding method as it doesn’t require any process by the worker and width of welding area.


It is not affected from earthquake with its elastic structure.

When temperatures fall to -40 °C, it also keeps its elastic features.

It can be used as coil in construction area.

It shows high resistance to chemicals.

Corrosion does not occur due to fluid inside and soil structure outside.

As its density is 0,940 gr/cm3, it is 8 times lighter than steel.

Joining process outside the channel can be performed and then left to the channel. It diminishes excavation amount.  

There is no need to dig ground sensitively gradually.