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PE-pipes and Fittings

Dizayn Pe 100 Network Pipe and Its Additional Parts

General Features

Polyethylene pipes are obtained from the raw material obtained after the process of polymerization of ethylene gas derived from petroleum. Pe 100 figure points at 10.0 MPa the value of environmental strecthing of the product. This value starts from 32 s and studies about Pe 125 continue. Because increase in this value indicates that resistance increased, it means slimming of wall thickness fort he same pressure class. That means increase in value of diameter value of Pe 100 pipe by saving raw material. Improvements in these values increase market share because it offers cost advantage against alternative products.

Because the product takes place in polyethylene thermoplastic product group, its recyling is possible. Considering the event in terms of environment, when it is collected again it can be used in second class products.

Because welding ability of polyethylene product is too high, combining methods are various. Combining methods are butt welding method, electrofusion method, pushing socket method and method of welding with extrusion.

Life of polyethylene is more advantageous than alternative products as it does not undergo corrosion, it is not affected by chemicals, its wear resistance is high. It offers 50 year service life at least. Networks suddenly can remain out of use due to earthquakes. Experienced earthquakes indicated that while polyethylene pipes can be used after earthquake, rigid pipes were deactivated completely and new lines were upholstered.

As a result of % 600 elongation ability of Pe 100 in places erosion experienced, it absorbes to elongate and expand. It solved the problem in lines exposed to change frequently in landslide areas.

Because it can be produced in different pressures in compliance with the project, raw material is saved so that it became effective positively on feasibility of projects.

Polyethylene pipes (Pe100 and HDPE) are used most commonly in Scandinavian countries. The most important reason is that it is not affected by conversion of water into ice because of protecting its elastic properties till 40 C. While all steel pipes are splitted by ice, Polyethylene expands and absorbes increase in volume. Project costs were reduced with ease in transitions of river, lake and sea with polyethylene pipes (Pe100 and HDPE). Many projects which could not be implemented were completed with this product. Because pipes are lighter than water, they were brought onto the route by floating and concrete blocks were sunk.

Savings are provided in first investment and operation costs by selecting pump with lower energy because it is in hydrolic smoothless curve in pressure loss calculations.

Because Pe100 and HDPE Pipes are produced as coil 50-100 and 200 meters till 140 mm diameter, it offers fitting and saving from welding cost.

Production Qualities And Advantages

During laying the land comply with its shape, costs were taken at minimum levels. Because it is easy to leave in channel by combining outside the channel, it offers practical application.

Water line is cut from two sides damaged with jamming and repaired.

Because the pipe can bend in turns with radius 20-35 times of its diameter, a small amount of bends are used.

When it is produced with carbon black adition, it shows resistance to ultraviolet rays.

It is not affected by impacts causing increase in pressure class in rigid pipes.

Production Qualities

Pipes are produced in production lines as extruder. It is manufactured in length of coil till 140 mm and 11,80 m above it.

Fittings are produced with injection method, apparel method and extrusion welding. Formation is given to product with print within molds manufactured in injection. Elbow, TE etc., all fittings are produced by cutting pipes in apparel in open way and combining with butt welding. Blasting TEs produced as Dizayn patented eliminate the need for reduction and decrease costs significantly. Extruder welding is a method used in production of special fittings special for the project.

Colour of the products are blue or with blue strips with the aim to show the line of drinking water. Although the colour does not add to resistance of product directly, it provides UV resistance because carbon black is added and the product turns into black.


It is not affected by earthquake with its elastic structure. It amortizes elongation in landslide zones.

When temperature dropped to -40 C, it protects its elastic features.

It can be used as coil in construction areas.

It shows resistance to chemicals. It does not undergo corrosion.

Wear resistance is high. It is impenetrable. Moreover, there is no molecule transition to fluid, it does not have any carcinogenic effect.

Corrosion does not occur due to fluid inside and structure of soil outside.

Because its density is 0,956 gr/cm3, it is 8 times lighter than steel.

Combining process can be done outside the channel, then left for the channel. It decreases the amount of excavation.

It does not need to dig the ground sensitively gradually.

It is so appropriate for river, lake and sea transitions.

Return can be provided with radius 20-35 times of pipe diameter without any need for elbow with its flexible feature.

It shows resistance to impacts.

Combination is performed with butt welding without using fitting.