Danlip (pvt) Ltd.

              PE-pipes and Fittings

Infrastructure Products

Drinking Water Systems

Dizayn Pe 100 Network Pipe and Its Additional Parts

Dizayn PE100 Clean Water pipe and its fittings for hygienic clean water bearing
Sewage, Rain Water Systems

Dizayn Corrugated Pipe and Its Additional Parts

Reliable solutions in infrastructure strengthen with Dizayn.

Dizayn Corrugated Spiral Pipe

Coping with rivers, Dizayn Corrugated Spiral pipes up to 8.000 mm diameter

Natural Gas Systems

Dizayn Pe 80 Natural Gas Pipe and Its Additional Parts

Being produced from PE80 raw material, Dizayn Natural Gas pipe and its fittings are with you with reliable and durable solutions.

Pre-insulated City Heating Systems

Dizayn Geothermal Pipe and Its Additonal Parts

Specially insulated multi layered Dizayn Geothermal pipe and its fittings carry the one below underground to the ground

Marine Discharge Systems

Dizayn Marine Discharge Pipes

Permanent solutions in treatment systems are being put into service with Dizayn Group technology

Chemical Storage Systems

Dizayn Chemical Tanks

It is manufactured from 900 mm diameter till 3600 mm diameter with spiral production method

Water Supply Pipes for Hydroelectric Power Plant

Dizayn Hes Pipes

Qualified and reliable solutions are being carried to your projects with Dizayn Group thanks to capability of production on site in Hes projects.

Butt Welding Machines

Dizayn Butt Welding Machines

Quick and reliable solution in various wall thicknesses